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Granite is the perfect material for kitchen worktops. It is a very hard and resilient stone which can stand up to a lifetime of hard use if looked after properly.

Black absolute, of all the granites has the tightest grain formation in its makeup, and therefore weighs the heaviest, where as with different granites, the grain formation is coarse. We always choose premium grade stone.

It is Important to understand that granite is a material which is not consistent in colour, and pattern which can have natural veins, pitting, possibly very small holes and occasional marks which appear to be small cracks on the surface, but are natural occurrences in its formation. Never the less granite is the preferred choice by millions, even for those, who unfortunately cannot afford to have granite.

For these reasons when choosing granite you have to be sympathetic and understanding, otherwise granite should not be the preferred choice for a kitchen worktop. Diamonds are formed in a similar way to granite and its value is measured not only by the carat but by the clarity and the amount of natural so called flaws found under a microscope. Even diamonds have natural markings. No diamond is absolutely perfect.